19th Dec2013
by AlexMonita

On December 4th, The Arts academy held a show at the Warner Grand theater showcasing all the talent our Boys & Girls Clubs have to offer. Fine arts, digital arts, dance and music where all on display and we even had the opportunity to share some of our short films. The night started with an art gallery of all our students’ work with all different mediums.

ArtGallery ArtTeachers

We set up a booth along side all these great pieces to showcase the projects we are currently working on. The ouya and oculus were big hits as they invite anyone to come up and play. The Creeper maze, a scary maze game, was developed by Jackelyn Dorado and is played using the Oculus rift to fully immerse and terrify the player. Neff Balls, a technically impossible puzzle game, developed by Neftali Lopez to be played on the OUYA was an eye catcher as people walked right up and immediately began trying to figure it out.

SG_Booth1 SG_Booth2 SG_Booth3

Following the art gallery, the on-stage portion of the show began with an amazing live performance by our music departments from both San Pedro and Wilmington.

SanPedroMusic WlimingtonMusic

Because we had an great venue for the show, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show a couple of our short films to the visiting families in a setting more befitting the medium. Emily’s Monster, Written and Directed by Jackelyn Dorado, was shown first and included a behind the scenes commentary from Jackelyn and some of her actors from the project. V-Day , Written and Directed by Markk Agatep, was the second of the two films shown and also included a behind the scenes commentary which showed what really goes into making a short film.

The night was topped off with a fun rendition of the nutcracker before the audience was treated to a live dance performance by our very talented dancers! Words are not enough to describe the entire experience but thankfully it was all captured by our studio filmmakers to be shared on YouTube.


Of course the online version of the show will never replace a LIVE performance so if you missed out on this year’s art gallery showcase, defiantly come out next semester!


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