28th Apr2013
by AlexMonita

Last Tuesday on April 23rd we were lucky enough to be visited by Chrispher Vigil of Dreamworks studios! Chris and the teens had a chance to meet each other in the animation room in the studio as well as record a vlog as part of Jackelyn Dorado’s youtube channel.


Chris Vigil is a production manager and has experience with animation, matte painting, and surfacing. He spoke about the process of making a 3D animated film but also shared some invaluable tips regarding hard work and persistence to your dream. Every single studio teen had the chance to meet Chris and it seems they’ve all shared a great experience with him before he left. Artsists, musicians, film makers and photographers in the studio left the studio motivated to persue their dreams as aspiring artists.


Thank you Chris for visiting and we hope you are not a stranger to Subculture Studios! Stay tuned for the video interview.



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