11th Jul2013
by AlexMonita

Jackelyn Dorado has always been an advocate for raising awareness on teen issues, through her participation in campaigns and fund raisers.  By giving a voice to the voiceless, she has recently been recognized through the Directing Change Film Competition. This past May, Dorado was flown to Sacramento, California to attend the Directing Change award ceremony, where she was met by a waiting limo and received by the enthusiastic group that made the event possible.

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“They had limos, a red carpet, glass trophies, gift bags, and the director and actor from Glee. Too awesome for words.”


Emily’s Monster was the short film Dorado entered into the competition and won first place in the LA region! Along with a handsome trophy and cash, Dorado also gained an unforgettable experience meeting other teens from all over California, who also share an interest in spreading awareness for teen issues. Hopefully this will be the first of many of these types of experiences for Jackelyn Dorado. All of us here in the studio and Boys & Girls Club could not be prouder! Great job Jackelyn!



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