Crispy Premiere Packed!

On November 1st we held a premiere for Crispy in the Lounge next to the studio. The room was converted to a theater with a 10ft screen,...


Crispy Trailer Out

Production is still going on as we race to finish Crispy in time for the premiere this Thursday! Check out this trailer.  

Catie is played by Shelly, our awesome slate girl!

Crispy production continues

We are nearing the last week of shooting and most of this film is in the can. I can honestly say that we got lucky with the...


SM Short begins!

Jackelyn Dorado has begun shooting her short film Weight of Silence based on her relationship with an old friend who struggles with selective mutism. Yesterday’s shoot starred...


Production for Crispy Started

  So far the dedicated cast and crew of Markk Agatep’s “Crispy” has done an amazing job creating a short film for this Halloween season. Crispy is...


Bipolar Speed Dating

From the creators of Man Man! Steak N Potato Productions has finished another one-day shoot depicting a bipolar speed-dater. watch and enjoy!  


Selective Mutism Awareness Month!

Our own Jackelyn Dorado is spearheading a campaign to bring light to this rare and often overlooked condition. Selective Mutism is an extreme anxiety disorder commonly found...


Wingo Pond Scene Finished!

5 long months have gone by and this pond scene is finally done. Scenes that involve many characters often take longer to animate because of the amount...


Graduate to Go Filming Finished

This has been an amazing week with Ashley Stephens and Nia Arunga from the Dreaming Tree Foundation. Our studio teens and our resident artists have just wrapped...


Graduate to Go competition begins!

Today was the first day of the Graduate to Go video competition workshop. Kelli Feigley & Ashley J. Stephens from the Dreaming Tree Foundation are working with...