Jack Jack Vlog

Our very own Jack-Jack has started her own video-blog on youtube and will produce a new vlog every week. Lets support her by subscribing and by being...


What Happened?

This is a video we produced in remembrance of 911. The poem used is What happened by by Gwendolyn Wells Loiacono. Directed by Nathan Rankin, shot by...


The Adventures of Man Man

  The first episode of our new hit series “The Adventures of Man Man” Created by Jerry Gibbins; is now released! The first episode is about how...


The Lounge Real Talk

Last Friday August 24th we had one of our first “Real Talks” of the new semester. San Pedro high School held a tolerance day filled with workshops...


VIC Awards 2012

Justin Ezzi, fifth grade teacher and author of wingo, teamed up with Alex Monita of the Boys & Girls Club in June to produce a 3 minute...



This is a short video about superstitions shot on Friday the 13th April 2012.Video by:Markk AgatepCast:Jamarlyn Arellano | Alexandria JacksonJoshua Winters | Alejandro Monita& Jeremy’s Legs


Taco Bell Campaign

Lately we’ve been seeing the results of our trip to the commercial shoot with Mark Wahlberg and the great people at Graduate to Go. The video above...


Wingo Pond Scene

So the Wingo project is starting to take shape as the animation for the “pond scene” is blocked out. This is Wingo’s first encounter with the animals...


Kaylin, Jeremy and Andre host podcast

Kaylin, Jeremy and Andre debut as hosts for a very entertaining podcast last Friday, check them out on youtube….


Lip Syncing Started

Today the most tedious portion of the production process has begun! Every spoken line in the short will be represented as animation on all creatures in the...