30th Jul2014
by AlexMonita

This summer we’ve kept it pretty simple focusing on producing a game for the OUYA game console. The deadline was known from the beginning and a plan was drafted with a small group of teens within the first week of summer.

Original test character for Infect-DEAD Neff in Unity

The teens came up with a plan to produce a zombie game, where toxic waste from a factory leaks into a small town’s cemetery and re-animates the dead. The only weapon the player has against the zombies is a bottle of cleaning solution and this is all you have to save you mother from the grocery store and get out of town.


Much like our Arts Academy walk through project, this project was broken up into smaller parts that teens could easily finish during the course of a day. Every Tuesday and Thursday of the past month we’ve worked hard to create a small town, playable characters, and added elements to the game play, using Unity3D and Blender.

Zombie Sprite Aniamtion8 Bit Sandwich Sprite

Now in the final stages of production we have been able to build something that is enjoyable to play and we are all excited about deploying the game to the OUYA game console market this August.

PlayTesting InfectDEAD

Developing a console game is probably not something many of our teens thought they would be doing this summer vacation, but this entire experience only demystifies game production and helps eliminate any presumption that game development is out of their reach.


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