Subculture TV
03rd Jun2014

Arts Academy 2014

This will be the third Arts Academy that the Studio is a part of and the progress is beginning to show. In the past we’veĀ  had a...

28th Apr2014

Directing Change 2014 Update

It’s been a whole year since the last Directing Change competition that Jackelyn Dorado participated in, now her film on suicide prevention “I’m Okay” has placed second...

03rd Mar2014

Arts Academy & The Handshake Foundation

The Arts Academy here at the Boys & Girls Club is once again under way, this time we are introducing a video production program with the help...

03rd Mar2014

Directing Change 2014

Last year Jackelyn Dorado had an experience of a lifetime thanks to the Directing Change video competition. This year she plans to enter again with a new...