16th Jan2012
by AlexMonita

This class will be the pilot course for the Mark Wahlberg youth foundation + Taco Bell Graduate to go studio program that will be running at several Boys & Girls Clubs. I will do my best to publish all class materials and projects as examples.

This class runs every Tuesday ( 4:30-5:30 ) and Thursday (3:30 – 4:30), I am giving “instruction” on Tuesdays followed by a project assignment which members have the rest of the allotted time to complete. on Thursdays I will give the students the chance to produce their own projects or choose from a list of predetermined projects (ei. a public service announcements for local LAPD or www.myclubmylife.com) I encourage staff members to look for external competitions that the students can participate in.

Power Point: 10MinuteFilmeClass.zip

The following video is Day One of the class, the idea was to have a very short presentation and get the cameras into the hands of the students as quickly as possible.

These are the resulting unedited projects from the cameras:


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